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Top Questions

What do I need to prepare before register on Aumland?
  • Telephone Number & Email Address
  • Details of your business such as address, telephone number,…etc
  • Your Bank account Details
  • A photo-copy of your ID. card
  • To sell in Aumland platform your are required to provide us with your Commercial Registration & Tax Card.
  • You will be required later to sign a Contract with us.

Note: to sell in some categories such as Clothes, Mobile Accessories and Hand Crafts , we don’t need the registration & Tax Cards

What information is needed to add a brand?

To add a new brand on Aumland you need to provide the following information:

  1. The brand name with an active registered trademark

  2. The associated government-registered trademark number

  3. Place of registration

  4. The name of the registered trademark owner

What is the buyer's payment method on Aumland?

Currently, We don’t accept on Aumland but the “COD” Cash payment on delivery,.. In the near future we will accept Visa & MasterCard Payment.


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